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YT Brand

YT Brand 

YT Brand 

[Never Give Up No Matter What]
We have gone out to sea to the world with the spirit of challenge.

Our start was to first create our own digital crypto assets, internationally certify the world’s digital currencies, achieve ICOs in the Swiss crypto assets market and raise funds first.
However, its high technological development is the result of a long way.

In 1997, we established a joint venture with Japanese and Thai investors and companies in Bangkok, and have been developing advanced technologies, including the development of IT technology that connects Japan and Thailand. This experience has enabled the most difficult blockchain development.

We operate each specialized company and are growing with the pillars of international real estate, food industry, digital finance business, and investment business.

Our motif is a yacht.

We would like to sail this world and contribute to a better society.

We will work on the best possible solution for the conservation and future of the earth.
We would like to sail this world and contribute to a better society.

We are operating a new era of business that will influence the world through innovation.

YT Brand

[Never Give Up No Matter What]









We YT support SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

In order to achieve the SDGs Gold, we will take measures to protect food production areas as a measure for food and global environment protection and education, and lead to economic development.
We use our YT Brand to publicize and expand the export of locally produced products.

SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals(持続可能な開発目標))を支援します。

SDGsのゴールド達成に向けて、私どもは、食糧と地球環境保護、教育の取り組みとして食糧の生産地を保護します。我々のもつYT Brandを活用し、経済的発展へ繋がる取組として生産地産品の輸出拡大の広報およびそれに関する事業を行っています。

SDGs Document
YT translated SDGs into Thai PDF

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